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 Our craft kombucha kit has everything you need to brew the most delicious fresh kombucha at home.

We believe in our tried and true recipe to make the most smooth, crisp and delicious original Guayusa kombucha, batch after batch. We keep it simple, allow the SCOBY's alchemical transformation of sweet tea to kombucha to happen completely and layer our flavors directly in the bottle.

    The health benefits of fermented kombucha are bio-available, which means that the vitamins, organic acids, and minerals are all easily and readily absorbed by the body. From the first aerobic fermentation with the SCOBY, certain beneficial bacteria and yeasts thrive and transform the sweet tea into the tangy tart elixir.

    - consistent ratios of SCOBY + kombucha vinegar to sweet tea = balanced flavor every time. 

    - balanced brew = nutritious brew 

    - stronger culture propagation  (Our SCOBY has thrived on Guayusa tea for over a decade!)

    - prolific microbial + yeast profile

    - happy culture = happy gut!

    It is in the second fermentation and bottle conditioning where the kombucha shows off its prowess in absorbing the colors, flavors, aromas and medicinal properties of the fruits and botanicals. The finished product is a bright and complex elixir that truly is an optimized carrier of the chosen plant profiles to be directly absorbed into the body. 

    - natural carbonation means finer champagne bubbles with softer mouthfeel 

    - botanically curated to be nutritious, delicious and have intended effects

    - adaptogenic synergies  

                            The Vessel

    Our team has designed an aesthetically pleasing brew set up  that will be a beautiful accent in your kitchen, and your bubbly brew will be the star of the show.

    Our kit combines whimsical design with straight forward functionality. After years of testing brew vessels we decided on a 1.5 gallon geometric glass jar, the perfect size for an intermediate brewer.

    We upgraded from a plastic to a stainless steel spigot so that the harvest time and flavoring process is fast, easy and safe / sterile.  Fill your bottles and flavor your fresh kombucha straight from the tap. 

    Our subscription tea and botanical flavoring recipe sachets make flavoring and bottling  kombucha a simple process with effervescent rewards.

    After harvesting, refill your vessel with sweet guayusa tea and brew batch after batch of healthful kombucha using our recipe for a continuous brew. 

    Casa Alquimista's delux Kombucha brewing kit, is an investment in your taste buds, health and lifestyle. If you drink any amount of kombucha a week then this is a ritual that will save you money in the long term.