Our Ingredients




Similar to Yerba Mate, but with none of the bitterness, ours is the only Kombucha Kit brewing with GUAYUSA TEA. 

Grown in the Ecuadorian Amazon, this tea is a staple in many Indigenous Amazonian cultures. We love it for it's SMOOTH and FRUITY notes; making it the perfect vehicle for Kombucha.

We buy our guayusa directly from a Kitchwa family owned micro-enterprise, upholding the highest quality control from cultivation, to bio-dynamic harvesting and ceremonial curing and drying of the tea. Guayusa is a native Amazonian tree,  with great potential for strengthening the local economy, and creating jobs with a positive feedback - protecting the Amazon forest. When you brew with our base recipe, you are a part of our mission to empower the Rio Blanco community of farmers to raise their quality of life and share this amazing super-tea with the world.

Our home brew kit provides enough guayusa tea for your first 4 batches. After which it is offered exclusively through our subscription brew package.

Once you experience the uplifting, balanced and energizing effects of this tea, you will know why it is the secret to our gourmet artisanal kombucha!

S.C.O.B.Y : Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast

Our HEIRLOOM MOTHER CULTURE, raised on Guayusa tea & organic cane sugar, has been propagating for over 10 years. This hardy culture has traveled and thrived at multiple altitudes and climates. Proven to produce a smoother, bubblier less tangy kombucha that even has the skeptical saying, "I can't believe its Kombucha". Your gut will be happy; your tastebuds too.

Our SCOBY is sized to fit our kit's 1 Gallon brewing vessel, and containing a generous 2 cups of starter liquid- twice the size and amount of the leading kit's offering- this culture is guaranteed to launch your continuous brewing journey swiftly, and easily. 

Alquimista Quote: "The Scoby is a living, breathing…. Pet! I have loved her, cared for her and carried her from the beaches of Manabi, to the Andean Mountains, to the Rainforest of Rio Blanco. Now I’m back in the US, and sharing her with you. She will sustain you as you sustain her. It’s a relationship that has carried me through, and I know it will do the same for you."


Consciously Curated & Botanically Inspired

The art of our Alquimista's mixology is to create effervescent kombucha that is a reflection of the taste of a destination. Each of our flavors are inspired by nature and with the intentions of combining the highest quality organic ingredients that vibe deliciously together and with synergistic effect. 

Over a decade of recipe development is delivered to you in an easy to infuse botanical blend, to make a simple syrup that is anything but simple on your palate.

ORGANIC FREEZE DRIED FRUITS AND BOTANICALS :These powders dissolve seamlessly, infusing our kombucha syrups with all the flavor and benefits of fruit and herbs harvested and preserved at peak ripeness, with none of the inconsistency of using fresh fruit.

  • Our homebrew subscription provides you with enough ceremonial Guayusa Tea needed to keep your kombucha thriving and harvest at regular intervals.
  • The subscription includes 2 rotating flavor options a month, curated by our master brewer to deliver bubbly, delicious and health conscious kombucha, every batch.