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Welcome to Casa Alquimista

Alquimista | a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

Casa Alquimista is about sharing the powerful medicine of the Ecuadorian Amazon, coupled with the microbial benefits of kombucha.

The daily practice of homebrewing kombucha offers a simple, mindful path to healing, from the inside out. 


Over the course of years, cities, countries, and continents, Kath has been honing the perfect kombucha brew. One that combines probiotic benefits, traditional healing medicine of the Ecuadorian jungle, and delicious botanical flavors. Her big sister Meg saw how the practice of brewing kombucha transformed Kath’s life, and encouraged her to share it with the world. And just like that, Casa Alquimista was born. 


Kath, a born forager and adventurous spirit, took her love of nature around the world, collecting ingredients, learning techniques, and building community in each place she’s called home. 

Kath was introduced to kombucha as a healing elixir at Oregon’s Aprovecho Educational Farm in 2011. There, she learned the art of fermentation, and felt kombucha's impact on her own health. She's been brewing and sharing the life-changing benefits with her community ever since.

Later, a love of Latin American culture brought Kath to Ecuador, where she lived for  the next 5 years. As she traveled, she made lasting connections with local farmers, artisans and cooperatives practicing ancestral plant healing, and Alquimistas’ who shared their own rituals and remedies.

Soon, Kath was bottling and selling her one-of-a-kind kombucha, and teaching her community the art of the homebrew – incorporating local ingredients, and sharing the health benefits and a SCOBY with anyone who wanted to start their own signature brew!

Now based out of CA, Kath’s Ecuador-inspired, healing kombucha is available to you in your own kitchen. 


Our HOMEBREW KOMBUCHA KIT brings Kath’s fermentation techniques, developed over a decade of brewing, into YOUR kitchen. Benefit from the powerful botanicals of the Ecuadorian Rainforest amplified by the microbial benefits of Kombucha.

We thank you for following along and joining the global community of fermentation lovers and activists.  

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Giving Back 

Our Partnership with One Tree Planted keeps us connected to our mission of supporting the makers and growers who’s ingredients make our brew so special. For each Homebrew Kit sold, 1 tree is planted in the Amazonian Rainforest where our tea is grown. Our commitment is to maintain and grow our relationships directly with the farmers and communities in the Amazon who  keep these ancient traditions and ‘medicines’ alive today..