As children in beautiful upstate New York, sisters Kath and Meg had a bounty of ingredients at their fingertips, and were always encouraged to harvest and experiment in the kitchen.

So it's no wonder that born forager and adventurous spirit, Kath, took her love of nature on the road; and has been collecting ingredients, techniques, and community ever since. 

Her Kombucha Journey began in Oregon, 2012. At Aprovecho  Educational Farm, she learned the art of fermentation, felt Kombucha's impact on her own health, and was hooked. She's been brewing ever since.

A love of Latin American culture brought Kath to Ecuador, and kept her there for 5 years.  As she traveled, she made lasting connections with Artisans, Small Farm owners and cooperatives practicing ancestral plant healing, Alquimistas’ who shared their own rituals and remedies.

She shared her Kombucha Culture, teaching the art of Homebrew as she was taught, but using local ingredients like Amazonian Black Tea. 

Soon, her kombucha was in high demand; and she began bottling small batches for the local market.  Deemed an "Elixir", the locals loved the fizzy alternative to coca cola and wanted to know more. Kath was happy to teach them all about the health benefits of the brew, and share a SCOBY, too!

Now based out of CA, Kath has continued to thrive in the Food Retail industry, and is  building a US following for her Kombucha through hosting tasting events and private workshops. 

The seeds for Casa Alquimista were planted in 2020, during the Covid 19 Pandemic. As sisters living on opposite coasts, we used Kombucha brewing as a means to connect... and stay connected. Kath sent Meg a care package FULL of all the ingredients that make her brew so special. Over zoom, she coached a very skeptical Meg through brewing her first batch. The rest is (hopefully) history.  

We believe that wellness at its core has many different branches. This one is as easy as making tea. Giving people a simple and very effective path to healing on a daily basis - its the same kind of feeling as growing your own food with love.

We thank you for following along and joining the global community of fermentation lovers and activists.  

Our Partnership with One Tree Planted keeps us connected to our mission of supporting the makers and growers who’s ingredients make our brew so special. For each Homebrew Kit sold, 1 tree is planted in the Amazonian Rainforest where our tea is grown. Our commitment is to maintaining and growing our relationships directly with the farmers and communities in the Amazon who are practicing the farming practices that keep these ancient traditions and ‘medicines’ available to us today.